My slide deck for the Annual Content Marketing Summit

It’s not the best content that win: it’s the best promoted content”. Content Distribution and Amplification have a critical role in Content Marketing Strategy. My presentation summarizes the steps to define a proper distribution and amplification strategy for your content, with examples and best practices from a large enterprise.  Via SlideShare.

B2B Content Renaissance?

Just love this tweet.

My answer….

LinkedIn’s Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast with Jason Miller

The podcast is public and has been shared everywhere across business social media – mostly Twitter and LinkedIn. I already wrote about the interview and the conversation we had, in my behind-the-scenes post. Now the podcast is public. You can download it here.

Love Jason’s podcast summary.

Listen in on the Conversation as Giuseppe and I Discuss:

The B2B Content Renaissance: As Giuseppe puts it, “We realized there is no boring industry, only boring content.” We discuss how B2B learned to love great content, and what it means for the industry.

The Three Stages of Global Content Marketing: Giuseppe shares the process he went through to kick off a global content program for Schneider.

The Big Rock Turkey Slice Model: Schneider has enjoyed amazing success with the model. Now they’re up to 5X the results they were seeing before. According to Giuseppe, the secret is to support existing campaigns with your Big Rock. That way you can get buy-in from upper management and keep your messaging consistent.

Maintaining a Global Editorial Board: There are 25 stakeholders on Giuseppe’s board, scattered across time zones and regions. He shares his secret for keeping everyone on the same page.

The Sweet Spot for Publishing Frequency: Is it daily? Bi-weekly? We discuss the importance of consistency and quality over a set frequency.

Proving ROI: Giuseppe shares how his team develops objectives and KPIs, then pulls data from multiple sources to show progress.

Giuseppe Caltabiano is an extremely sophisticated marketer, and he’s incredibly generous to share all he has learned from Schneider Electric’s success. You can find him on Twitter @giusec, and get more details on his marketing strategy with this NewsCred article.

The Role of Pilot Programs in Global Content Marketing

Just posted The Role of Pilot Programs in Global Content Marketing on LinkedIn Pulse. Which is a subset of the broader post How to Launch a B2B, Cross-Regional Global Content Marketing Strategy – published on NewsCred’s Insights in November 2016. Planning to dissect the main post in several other more detailed sub-posts, to take a deeper look at individual pieces of a Global Content Strategy:

Step 1: Finding the Optimal Balance Between Central and Local
Step 2: Establishing Local Editorial Boards
Step 3: Defining Local Target Personas
Step 4: Selecting a Content Hub
Step 5: Launching an Internal Communications Strategy
Step 6: Educating Marketers About Your Content Marketing Program
Step 7: Piloting Your Content Marketing Strategy
Step 8: Finally, Going Global

As a matter of fact: 1) global content marketing, 2) PR & content integration and 3) Keyword strategy/SEO are three of my major areas of focus for 2017. So expect thoughts, new content and posts on these 3 domains.


I have been intrigued by the last book I’ve read (“Disrupted“, Dan Lyons) and the full story behind, including the dramatic end – the last summer’s scandal in which former HubSpot executives allegedly attempted to obtain a predraft copy. Though federal investigators dropped the case without pressing any charges, the incident caused HubSpot to fire the CMO (Mike Volpe); the incident also led to the resignation of the VP of Content (Joe Chernov) and a pay cut for the CEO, “who knew about Volpe’s actions but failed to bring the ethical violation to the board’s attention in a timely fashion” reports the Boston Globe.

I think that whatever is your opinion about how things really went, everyone working in the content marketing / inbound marketing domain should read this book. A few interesting complimentary readings I found googling for Disrupted: a very balanced post by Dan Levy, Rand Fishkin of Moz who thinks that “it is almost certainly the case that Dan Lyons went into the Hubspot job seeking to parody the workplace and/or create satire“, an article from Fortune, and Undisrupted, the formal answer by Hubspot’s founders – and many many others.

But the thing is, as I said: everyone working in the content marketing domain should read this book and make his personal mind about it. Quoting Dan Levy: I don’t understand how can you work in our field and not read the book. Even if stings a little bit.

Speaker at Content Marketing World 2017!

Long time without writing on the blog. I am just back from New England, some new things happening, unfortunately not so much time to write and share. Best news of the day: I’ve been selected to speak at next Content Marketing World , taking place in Cleveland on Sept 6-7. It’s the largest and most crowded content marketing conference of the world. I will be speaking about how to define a global content marketing strategy with examples and best practices from my company. I plan to bring testimonials or videos from the countries. It’s going to be a fantastic event and I am so happy to be “on board”!

Travel movies: my ultimate list (and something more)

« In times like these, escape is the only way to stay alive and continue dreaming. »  Henri Laborit, In Praise of Escape

Why a travel movie list?

The thing is: I just want to close the year with something that I’ve almost neglected in 2016. Vagabonding. Travels. And it’s not because I haven’t moved away from London. Indeed, this year I visited US and Italy so many times, Boston and NY, Cleveland and Miami, Milan and Sicily, and then Iceland, the Netherlands and Ireland, Portugal, Germany and France, Greece and Poland. But my focus has been content marketing including my new adventure as a public speaker. For this reason, vagabonding needs at least some attention before the year ends. Continue reading “Travel movies: my ultimate list (and something more)”

Behind the scenes – Recording the Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast with Jason Miller

Note: this post started as a short story of my meeting with Jason Miller to record his marketing podcast. It ended up with some thoughts about content marketing, pilot programs, creativity and Corp boundaries.

My chat with Jason was a lot of fun. He recorded the Sophisticated Marketer’s podcast today. I was his guest. I am not sure at this stage when it will go live. Before or after Christmas? I don’t know. Yet.

LinkedIn’s HQs in London is a great office. Cool and stylish, comfortable, full of colours. Loved the Dr. Marteen’s meeting room (not sure how to explain – a meeting room with lots of Dr.M’s boots hanging from the roof – yes, you got it right: a bunch of Dr.M’s classic and coloured boots hanging from the ceiling and the glass door). Which is the room where we recorded the podcast. Free coffee, soft drinks, flavoured water. Continue reading “Behind the scenes – Recording the Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast with Jason Miller”