8th Strategic Marketing & Branding Forum

Conference is over. Beautiful Location. Great presentations and speakers. Presentation from Generali’s CMO was one of my favourite. Overall, very interesting experience.

My presentation can be already found here, via SlideShare. Some more details about the Forum, here – photos are included. I do not think presentations were recorded. All files should be uploaded sometime soon.

Luna Rossa

Just reserved 2 tickets for the America’s Cup challenge which will return to the UK this summer. With my usual luck, the Italian team (Luna Rossa) pulled out of the race few days ago for a mess with Oracle and some of the other teams. Now I have 2 tickets and no team to support. Should I go with the Swiss? The British? Well. I think I will still go for the Italians…

“In sports, as in life, one cannot always go for compromise after compromise after compromise”

Team principal Patrizio Bertelli said. He added: painful decisions sometimes had to be made.

Yes. I will still go for the Italians. Definitely.