I speak at Global Marketing and Strategy Conferences, covering various topics including Content Marketing, Content Marketing Strategy, B2B Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, M&As (specifically Marketing for post-Acquisitions/Integrations and Branding Strategy), Branding and of course best practices and experiences with most of the topics above.

I’ll be posting links to slides and transcripts as they become available.

Feel free to contact me to speak at your upcoming event!


Coming soon!


Past Events


  • Annual Content Strategy Summit, Berlin, 16-17 February 2017. I presented Content Distribution strategy. Slide deck can be downloaded here, via Slideshare.


Video from #CMFF. Also available on Vimeo.


For a full list of articles and posts, you can check my writings page on the blog or my author page on LinkedIn Pulse.


Q&A session
The Q&A session at CMFF 16, Amsterdam, May 2016
Joe, Doug and I
Joe Pulizzi, Doug Kessler and I, CMFF Europe, Amsterdam, May 2016
My session
My session at CMFF Europe, Amsterdam, May 2016
Digital Marketing Europe 2016, Cascais, January 2016
Digital Marketing Europe 2016, Cascais, January 2016

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