Alitalia: new brand, old style

Have you already seen the new Alitalia brand? Made of Italy. Yes. And the new re-branding campaign?

The beginning of a new journey. They say.

The new look is chic, stylish and sooooo Italian (sorry, multiple “o” are mine), someone else writes.

Italy is the embodiment of beauty, warmth, passion, hospitality and a way of life. It is an undisputed leader of style and innovative design. The Alitalia of today, as a national symbol, is imbued with the finest qualities for which this country is famous.  Said Cramer Ball, Alitalia CEO.

Alitalia hopes to present the best of Italy and the importance the country enjoys on the world stage”, still the CEO.

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Presenting Marketing to M&A experts

My next conference as a speaker (8th Merger Integration Management Forum, 17-18 March, Amsterdam) is approaching and I am dedicating some time today for preparation. Also had a great call to understand the audience. Well, this time will be different: still a marketing-focused presentation, but different audience, different cut, different expectations.

In fact, it’s my first non-marketing conference. Where I will introduce a marketing subject (how to set up properly branding and communication strategy in post-acquisitions and how acquisition performances can be affected by a poor marketing strategy) to a non-marketing audience. I will need some good luck – and a good preparation. Conference site is here.

(Featured image by Brand Quarterly)

Content Marketing Strategy

The new content and social marketing strategy is ready. It ill change the face of one of the four business units of the company I work for. We are transforming a traditional marketing model to a new, modern, content-focused model.

Social, content and PR will be integrated. Jason Miller wrote on his book:

The most innovative, forward-thinking companies have merged social, content and PR. By doing so, they can capitalize on the synergies between these three

I am in Boston to present the new plan. It will simplify the current process. It will introduce elements of uniqueness, like the BU editorial board and the BU editorial calendar. It will integrate content, social media and PR. It will link dashboards and analytic. I am in contact with experts like NewsCred and Contently to understand how to improve the process.

At the same time, I am received new invitations as a speaker of Global Marketing Conferences. The last one is the Energy Branding Conference. It will take place in Iceland at the end of 2016. It’s the first world conference focused on marketing for the Energy sector. And it’s a wonderful location. I am pleased to be part of the speaker pool.

So, ready to spend an inspiring weekend. Preparing the workshops and all presentations for next week. And writing posts documenting the content marketing project.

Writing is the best medicine.


Just published a first article on LinkedIn Pulse – a replica of the one published in July by Brand Quarterly and a way to support my coming speech at Brand2Global Conference.

In the meanwhile focusing on Content Marketing, Social Media and PR integration, which represents my next project. Well, more to come!

2015 Brand2Global London

Just got final confirmation for my participation as speaker at the Brand2Global Marketing Conference. It will take place here in London, at the end of Sept 2015. There will be lots of coverage from marketing and branding-related media. Including Brand Quarterly, which I am currently cooperating with.

Speakers from these companies have confirmed:

Topics I plan to cover:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (as seen from a marketing/branding perspective)
  • Global Branding & Marketing
  • Managing global integration and local responsiveness
  • Global integrated marketing communications strategy
  • Cross-cultural marketing strategies

More details soon – on this blog.

Marketing & Acquisitions

Here is what I presented last week in Italy: Integrated Campaign and Branding Strategy: marketing lessons from one of the major M&As in the energy and technology sectors.

Better Together: marketing lessons from one of the major acquisitions in Energy & Tech (the abstract)

In January 2014 the industrial automation giant Schneider Electric acquired Invensys plc thus expanding its product offering in the field of Control Systems, Software and Services. As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building and data centers/networks, and a broad presence in residential applications.

With this acquisition, Schneider Electric has significantly enhanced its position as a provider of Energy management solutions integrating power and automation. In fact, the acquisition of Invensys has provided Schneider Electric with a strong portfolio of complementary products in several sectors including the Oil and Gas one – and competency in Cybersecurity management.

From a branding perspective Invensys brought several independent brands which had to be integrated within Schneider Electric’s portfolio. The team in charge of the integration process had to define a path for each brand that had to be consistent with the Schneider Electric one-brand strategy, which is based on customer install base, geographical scope and overall brand equity.

The communication plan was tailored to the customers and channels and the communication assets were generated with a special focus to customer types. Communications plan included an integrated marketing campaign (“Better Together”) that was launched in September 2014 and which used Social Media channels to ramp up and reach the right audience.

The session will go through the most relevant steps of the acquisition, and will focus on marketing and communications approach explaining the decisions taken on branding, communication and campaigns. Real-case scenario’s examples and a Q&A session will complete and close the session.